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In order to counteract the legalization of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism, the FASTEXCHANGE.CENTER exchange Service conducts AML checks by the AMLBot service of transactions received from clients. In case the transaction is identified as High Risk or the coins are sent from Dark Service, Dark Market, Illegal Service, Gambling, Exchange Fraudulent, Scam, Stolen, Mixer, Ransom, Sanctions, Child Exploitation and Terrorism Financing having a risk of more than 10%, or associated with illegitimate sources, the exchange Service may suspend the exchange operation until verification is carried out in accordance with KYT (Know Your Transaction) standards.
1. Suspend the transaction for up to 7 days, provided there is no request from the competent authorities on the transaction, or withhold the user's funds until the incident is fully investigated.
2. The Service has the right to request identification from the User, which includes providing Users with a photo or video with a document confirming the user's identity (Selfie), as well as to request a screenshot or video from the wallet of the cryptocurrency withdrawal.
3. The Service can also request any additional information from the User in case of suspicious transactions, only at the request of the regulator (the role of the regulator can be an exchange, a government agency or other organization that has the appropriate legal grounds).
4. Refuse the User to withdraw funds to the account of third parties without explanation.
5. When the user passes identification, within 2 calendar days to return the funds, minus a commission in an amount not exceeding the total cost of labor costs for processing the application and organizing the return of funds.
6. Return digital assets only to the details from which the transfer was made.
7. If the User refuses to undergo identification, return the funds to the source of receipt within 7 calendar days, provided that there is no request from the competent authorities for the transaction. Upon return, a commission will be withheld in an amount not exceeding the total cost of labor costs for processing the application and arranging a refund.
8. The service reserves the right not to disclose information about the methods and results of the verification.
Service Comments

Сделал 2 перевода USDT ERC20, все сработало как ожидалось


Два перевода - все отлично (AML занимает до 10 минут)


Оперативно. Отличный курс!


Все круто, за 15 минут в круг usdt -> rub курс хороший


Отличный сервис. Все быстро (максимум до 5 мин.), четко, корректно! Спасибо


Спасибо! Перевод пришёл очень быстро! Отличная Работа!


быстрый и надежный обменник

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